BLACK PERIGORD (Dordogne, France)

6 days on horseback



Dates and Prices : according with Valérie (phone number : 06 30 47 86 51)


What are we going to do and see ?

Our trailride will allow you to travel through a part of the world that is home to a thousand castles dating from the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance. You will discover the forests in all their splendour and secrets and follow the course of two rivers, the Dordogne and the Vézère, where you will find prehistoric sites and ancient cave-dwellings.


Profile of our participants :

Our trailride is open to riders from 15 years onward if accompanied by an adult, and upward from 18 years of age when solo.


You have to be familiar with the three gaits, be in good physical health and a good hiker on foot on difficult terrain.


Riders weighing more than 90 kilos should first contact us before registering.

Our group will consist of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 persons.


Highlights :

·  Discovery on horseback of the most beautiful historical heritage sites of Black Périgord

· Gallops along the Vézère and the Dordogne rivers with the possibility of taking a dip in the river with the horses as well as a swim

· A calm and enduring ride, we take our time

· A friendly and professional team to accompany you

·       Your English speaking guide Valérie

We offer :

·       Trailride in Black Périgord, the most beautiful part of the Dordogne

· 6 days on horseback

· Level 4

· You will be sleeping in rural gîtes, on a new location every night

· Total price including your horse, horsegear, food, lodgings and professional accompaniment : €1.100,--

Our day-to-day programme :

Day 1 : Introduction - Sergeac/Roque St. Christophe/La Madeleine/Les Eymaries

Your guide Valérie will be welcoming you

Then you will all get acquainted with each other and with your horse, and the matching between the horse and rider will take place.

We will then mount and set off to les Eymaries, This first day will allow you to discover the village of Les Eyzies (from the books by Jean Auel) known for its famous Musée de la Préhistoire, and we will pass under one of the most prestigious prehistoric sites in Europe, a cave under an overhanging rock long by a kilometer and 80 metres high, which has been inhabited during 55.000 years of human history.

We will picnic on a site that represents 15.000 years of human history called La Madeleine. You will have the opportunity to visit this cultural and poetic historical site.

We will then continue to Les Eymaries where we will have our dinner and spend the night.


Day 2 : Les Eyzies/Le Bugue : 5 to 6 hours on horseback

In the morning we will heading in the direction of Le Bugue, passing in front of the Grotte du Sorcier (The Magician’s Cave) in St. Cirq, which is sitting on a hillslope facing a bamboo forest and which is a remnant of the so-called Magdalenian age.

Picnic in Le Bugue on the riverbank of the Vézère, then back in the saddle and on to dinner and a night in a gîte.


Day 3 : Le Bugue/Castelnaud La Chapelle : 6 to 7 hours on horseback

In the morning we will descend towards the Dordogne river passing through wooded land and forest. We will leave St. Cyprien to our left to take the Pont de la Garrit (a bridge) a heritage from the19th century. We will go into the water. After this we will have our picnic. Back in the saddle we will have a gallop along the Dordogne river and pass in front of Château les Milandes, the famous castle dating from the 5th century and later inhabited by Josephine Baker, her husband and their eleven adopted children. We will then enter the park belonging to the Château de Fayrac, also a 15th century castle and proceed to Castelnaud where we will dine and pass the night.


Day 4 : Castelnaud/Beynac : 5 to 6 hours in the saddle

Departure in the morning in the direction of La Roque Gageac, one of the most splendid medieval villages of the Périgord. We will follow the course of the Dordogne river with views of the 5 castles in the valley. Then have our picnic in La Roque-Gageac, which is one of the most beautiful villages of France dating from the early Middle Ages and sitting alongside the Dordogne river. Weare going to pass on horseback under the castle and go into the river there. We will finish in our gîte for the night where there will be a jacuzzi which will be very welcome to relieve our tired bodies !


Day 5 : Beynac/Meyrals : 5 to 6 hours in the saddle

As soon as we have left our gîte, we will pass under the château de Marquessac and take the direction of the Chapelle de Redon which is a small and very idyllic pilgrim’s chapel. We will picnic there. At the end of the day we shall arrive at Meyrals where will dine and spend the night in the gîte.


Day 6 : Meyrals/Sergeac : 5 to 6 hours in the saddle

In the morning we will ride through the forest and reach the Château de Commarque where we will have our picnic. There you will have the opportunity to visit the Château. We will then turn back in the direction of our stables in Sergeac, where we will all have a drink together and a last ‘goodbye’ to our loyal horses.

Recommendations :

Incidents that are not in our power may influence the itinerary. (fallen trees, high water, strikes, local celebrations)


Our partners, the guides, and local authorities will all do everything they can to find the best solution if there is a problem and help with a detour if needed. Also the names of the places  where we will stay are information that can vary and changed without notice for another of a similar level.     


Furthermore you are responsible for the care of your mount, to dress possible wounds, and to saddle and unsaddle it during our ride. And of course you will feed and water it yourself, and put it to pasture after arriving at our destination, and fetch it the following morning together with the others.


The price includes :

Accompaniment by an experienced guide in the person of Valérie, who speaks English

Logistic team member

A vehicle with our driver Sylvie to follow us and meet up with us with the horse rations and our dinner and extra gear/equipment and who will take your luggage from one place to the next

One horse per rider

Gear :

English saddles

Saddle blankets and saddlebags

Reservations / Contact :

Valérie Cracosky :


Telephone : (France)  + 33-6-30478651

Black Perigord to download
Black Perigord -Dordogne, France- 6 days
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